Prof. Dr. Saverio Fortunato
Specialist in Clinic Criminology

Curriculum vitae et Studiorum  


He published 357 magazine articles and 19 books and the Press has been published 140 articles about Dr. Saverio Fortunato. Moreover he released 183 interviews, 71 to the national press and 112 to international press.

Saverio Fortunato: he was born in Vibo Valentia (VV), he obtained the Triennial post-lauream title of Specialist in Clinic Criminology in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, with a degree thesis in Forensic Neuropsychiatry, on the topic: “Criminal sciences and sciences of the spirit, for a epistemologic critic to the forensic neuropsychiatric appraisement, in topic of suspicion of abuse to the childhood, as attempt to reconduct it to criterions of scientificity with a logically based argument of investigation”, mark 108/110, reporter Prof. Ivan Galliani, ordinary teacher in Neurology and Forensic Psychiatry.


For career purposes, he passed the following exams:
General Criminology I, Elements of Biology, Elements of Law, Elements of Psychology, Elements of Sociology, Psychology and Psychopathology of the evolution age, General Criminology II, Elements of General Psychopathology, Elements of Clinic and Forensic Psychiatry, Techniques of Social Service, Cultural Anthropology, Elements of Legal Medicine, Juvenile Criminology, Psychotherapy, Social Psychology, Techniques of Psycho-pedagogy, Sociology of the Deviance, Methods of Prevention, Criminologic Treatment, Forensic Neuropsychiatry, Criminal Politic and Penitentiary Right, Sanitary Legislation.

He also obtained the annual post-lauream title of:

Improvement in Security and Criminology at the University of L’Aquila;

Improvement in Language and Communication at the University of Florence.

He also obtained post-lauream:

The qualification (SSIS) for the teaching of Philosophy, Psychology, Sciences of the Education;

The specialization (SSIS) for teaching the handicapped pupils, at the University of Pisa, SSIS, biennial, with thesis with the title: “Identity, stigma, normality, handicap”, reporter Prof. E. Macinai, mark 74/80; for career purposes he passed the following exams:

General Didactics, General Pedagogy, Psychology of the Growth and the Education, History of the School and the Teachers, Scholastic Legislation, Special Pedagogy, Pedagogy of the Marginality, Didactic Legislation for the Disability, Psychology of Learning diseases, Psychology of the Handicap and the Rehabilitation, Sensorial Laboratories, Neuropsychiatry.

He also obtained:

Doctorate in Literary Subjects at the University of Florence, with a thesis of Sociology with the title: “Technological mutation and socio-politic change in the transition from XX century to XXI century”, reporter Prof. Antonio Carbonaro, director of the Department of Social Studies. For career purposes he passed the following exams:

Canon Law, Public Law, Institutions of Roman Law, Politic Economy, Philosophy of the Law, Constitutional Law, Sociology I, Sociology II, Sociology III, Contemporary History, Medieval History, History of the Labor Union, History of the Cinema, Geography, Theory and Technique of the mass communications I, Theory and Technique of the mass communications II, Italian and Informatics Literary, General Pedagogy, Psychology of the Language, Cultural Anthropology, Methodology of the Social Research.

He has been appointed:

Educationist for the university teaching of Theory and Technique of the mass communications, in the University of Florence, where he collaborated with Prof. Pio Baldelli from 1992 to 1995;

Educationist for the teaching of Criminology in the University of L’Aquila.


In the University of L’Aquila, he taught for the Degree Course of Sciences of the Investigation:

- Inquiry and Semiotic of the Language

- Deviances and Educative and Contrast Technology

- Apprenticeship of Investigation on the Crime Scene


University of L'Aquila

He is a member of the scientific committee of the faculty of criminal sciences and security at the Ludes University of Lugano.
- Reporter for the Criminology Thesis teacher of Clinical Criminology at the Doctorate of Criminology of the Free University Ludes of Lugano (Switzerland)

Ludes University of Lugano

Prof. S. Fortunato -  Dr. Pier Luigi Vigna  - Prof. G. Camurati - Dr. A. Giubilaro


He has been teacher at the training course, year 2010, of partnership security of the Prefecture of Pistoia (Italy), territorial office of the government, on the following topics: violence and aggressive crimes (4.11.2010); the deviances (23.04.2010)

Prof. Fortunato, lesson to the civil servant of the Prefecture of Pistoia
and Police station of Montecatini Terme


He’s member of the Comité Scientifico y de Apoyo Docente, of the Master Internacional  en Psicología Jurídica y Forense Basada en la Evidencia (Reconocido de Interés Sanitario y de Interés Social por ESSCAN, Consejería de Sanidad del Gobierno de Canarias [ 900 horas ] Reconocido para el Ejercicio Profesional por la Sección Jurídica del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Catalunya), years 2006/2007 and 2007/2008

He’s scientific director of the Seminary of Criminal Sciences and of the Formation Courses of  Forensic Graphology, promoted by CSI-Forensic of Florence

He has been Vice-president of the Tuscany College of Expert Counselors (Organ juridically avowed by the Minister of the Justice with D.M.- Ministerial Decree- of the 25/11/1975 and published on the Official Journal of the Italian Republic number 12 on the January 16th 1996), where he taught Expert Methodology, at the Expert Techniques School.

He’s President  of CSI:FORENSIC, UNITED NATIONS Academic Impact Member

He’s registered at the National Journalist Order, with number 079959.

He’s responsible Director of the telematic journal since 1999 ( )

He’s enlisted in the Register of the Operators of Communication of the National Authority for Communications with number 13169 since 4th March 2006.


He's scientific Director of the training course for Local Police in Jesolo (Venice), a city that has around 25.000 inhabitants with a flow of six millions tourists during summer period, where  he is involved in  public security  and crime prevention  matters.


Prof. Fortunato and Local Police in Jesolo (Venice) Italy

Chamber of Deputies - Roma

Chamber of Deputies

Chamber of Deputies: Certificate of participation as speaker


He has participated to the Permanent Consultation Table of the National Anti-drug Policies Department of the Italian Government Administration in the following meetings:

15th September 2009 “ The prevention of the pathologies related to drug addiction: which evidence of utility and effectiveness?”

-  13rd October 2009 “ Scientific evidences in comparison”



He published a lot of works about criminology and sciences of the mass communication, last work: “Sense and knowledge in criminal sciences”, introduction by Thomas Szasz, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, Health Science Center State University of Syracuse, New York, Colacchi editions, L’Aquila 2007

- New manual of Expert Methodology, published by Ursini, CZ 2007

About and against the scientific method in the forensic examination, by Saverio Fortunato
(Professor in Clinical Criminology at the Ludes Universy of Lugano)

Preface by Piero Luigi Vigna (former National anti-mafia State Attorney)
Afterword by Fernando Mantovani (Emeritus professor of penal law at the University of Florence)

Here below, you can find the links related to the 108 american newspapers that followed the interview to Dr. Saverio Fortunato launched by Associated Press regarding the sadly famous murder of Perugia

Regarding the Perugia Murder, Prof. Saverio Fortunato is also interviewed  by the newscast of London “Sky News”



Los Angeles – prize to Dr. S. Fortunato for the criticism and the study regarding the crimes in the American primary schools

Los Angeles - USA - Hollywood - Prof. Fortunato

  “Criminal factors in the American school”, this article of Dr. Saverio Fortunato, Professor at the University of L'Aquila and Director of is mentioned in the official website of Barack Obama, primary elections candidate for the USA Presidency(2008)
Prof. Saverio Fortunato, interview by the spanish magazine “La clave”, enquiry about the crime.

He has participated to the following events:

Montecatini Terme - Italy  Prize "" to the fiction "Don Matteo" broadcast by RAI -  Italian television in collaboration with Arma dei Carabinieri

Congress: Justice and Bad Justice with a thanks note by the Italian President of the Republic (Pistoia 26th September 2008)


Conference: The false in the artworks

Dr Giovanni Nistri  (General  of  Arma Carabinieri – Cultural Resources Protection Unit)

Dr Aldo Giubilaro (General Deputy District Judge of the Court of Florence)

Dr Marco Capparella (Vice-President CSI-Experts and Forensic Counselors, Captain of Arma Carabinieri)

Dr Enrico Ognibene (President of the Law Court of Florence)

Prof. Saverio Fortunato (Clinical Criminology Specialist, Professor of Investigation on the crime scene – University of L'Aquila )


Florence - Italy


Ten. Col. G. Petrella , Prof. S. Fortunato, Col. F. Volpe, General Deputy Judge  Dr. A. Giubilaro


He has been spokesman at the international Symposium organized by the Institute of Forensic Science of General Inspectorate of Romanian Police on the topic “ the picking out of traces and of material means of evidence by technical-scientific findings and forensic expertise” (27.10.2010)

He has appointed  as “International Expert” by the  chancellor of Bucharest University.

He is a member of the scientific committee of the Criminalistics  Journal of Romania

He has been lecturer at the University of Bucharest (Romania) for a  a group of romanian  teachers




Hotel Capitol - Bucharest

Prof. Fortunato at the exit of the Hotel Capitol



Police of Bucharest  - Prof. Fortunato

Police of Italy - Prof. Fortunato



Police Italy - Prof. Fortunato

Police Italy - Prof. Fortunato

He has been lecturer at the University of Bucharest (Romania) for a a group of romanian teachers
Universitatea "Alexandra Ioan Cuza" Iaşì

Prof. Saverio Fortunato (Professor in Clinical Criminology
at the Ludes Universy of Lugano) and
Dr. Piero Luigi Vigna (former National anti-mafia state attorney)
 and the group of lecturers of Bucharest

Prof. Ferrando Mantovani (Emeritus professor in penal law of the University of Florence) and Prof. Saverio Fortunato

Contract between the Chancellor of the University of Bucharest and Prof. Saverio Fortunato in quality of "international expert" of criminal sciences for a training course to the lecturers and the colonels of the Police Accademy of Bucharest


Serata interclub L.C. Firenze, L.C. Firenze Michelangelo, L.C. Firenze Cosimo de' Medici

Speakers on this topic: Immigration
Dott. Filippo Ferri, police chief officer of the Florence's Police
Prof. Saverio Fortunato Professor in Clinical Criminology at the Ludes Universy of Lugano Dott. Pier Luigi Vigna, former National anti-mafia attorney
Introduction and moderate: Dott. Aldo Giubilaro, Chief State attorney of Massa

11.3.2011 Sez. Massa

Conference with Prof. Saverio Fortunato
 and State chief attorney of Massa-Carrara Dr. Aldo Giubilaro

Prof. Saverio Fortunato, Professor in Clinical Criminology
at the Ludes Universy of Lugano

Dott. Aldo Giubilaro, Chief State attorney of Massa

Prof. Saverio Fortunato, Professor in Clinical Criminology
at the Ludes Universy of Lugano
Conference "The role of the civil defender"
CIRO’ MARINA (KR) 26.3.2011


Provincial secretariat of Pistoia
COISP - Coordination for the union-indipendence of the Police's forces

28.4.2011 Comune of Montecatini Terme

Conference "Financial crisis and risks of mafia infiltration


-Prof. Saverio Fortunato
Professor in Clinical Criminology
at the Ludes Universy of Lugano

-Dr. Maurizio Stefanizzi
Police Chief officer of the Pistoia Police

-Dr. Aldo Giubilaro
Chief State attorney of Massa

-Natalino Nassa
Police Chief officer of the Pistoia Police (GdF)

Introduction and moderate: Guido Ripa
(Provincial Secretariat of Pistoia)



Prof. Dr. Saverio Fortunato
Specialist in Clinical Criminology


Photo: the Committee close of the 1st World Congress on Forensic Science, Law and Public Safety

University of Tabasco (Mexico): Prof. Saverio Fortunato, Dr. Aldo Giubilaro and students

Award 2012 FBI
The President, Prof. Saverio Fortunato, delivery Prize
Dr. Stewart B. Roberts (Legal Attaché - FBI) - Rome Chamber of Deputies 10/01/2012

Chamber of Deputies, Refectory, International Conference and Award FBI

Ambassador of UNESCO Dr. Lucio Alberto Savoia


United Arab Emirates published by Saverio Fortunato